Hoa Thien Cot Webgame

Game Market

Vietnam Game Online Market grew fast from 2006, especially the webgame platform. The market reached 250 million USD and 20 million gamers in 2012 (according to Source Research 2012). Game publishers continuously introduced new games to the market and attracted hundreds of thousands of both teenagers and adults.


Hoa Thien Cot (The Journey of Flower) webgame was one of the games I was in charge of. The game was introduced by VNG Game Publisher in late 2015. My biggest challenge was it fell into festival season during the time: Christmas and Tet (Vietnamese lunar new year holiday).

How I did it

My responsibility was to drive more newly registered users (NRUs) and to analyze users’ retention rates on both PC and mobile.

Because this game was based on a romantic Chinese movie Hoa Thien Cot, I thought of running a campaign using movie characters, not the game itself. I managed and developed various Pay Per Click (PPC) ad channels including Google, Facebook, Coc Coc, Bing, etc.


I drove more than 300,000 NRUs in the first week the game was introduced, which was a big success to my team.

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