Seawind Catamarans
Used Boat Listing


Seawind Catamarans is an Australian premium catamaran builder that has built more than 600 boats worldwide. They have a wide network of dealers on 4 continents offering support. Seawind’s dealers are approachable and all form a great bond with Seawind owners. The dealers sell new boats from the factory and also help owners sell their current Seawind boats.

Why a listing site is needed

Seawind Catamarans’ old website displayed all models for new boat orders, but no trace of used boats from current owners. Catamaran enthusiasts looking for used boats usually needed to look through Seawind dealers’ sites.

My responsibility

We came to the decision that owners’ boats for sale should be on our official site too. That way catamaran buyers could have a single platform to look at when in search of our Seawinds.

From the design of our designer, I started to work on the integration with our IT Team. We had been using a third-party listing site for a long time. And it’s time for us to display all our boats on our official site. I worked on content creative, did research on how our dealers helped owners to sell boats, and what Seawind owners should do to sell their boats quickly.

In addition, I needed to work on the forms, thinking about what would happen when an owner fills in the form, how the notifications reach the dealers in different regions successfully. All should be run automatically by the system itself.

After running a few critical tests on the site, it’s time for the launch. I tailored our announcement email, hit Send button, and felt happy when our project was beautifully completed.

The whole project took us around 4 weeks from design to content, to integration, to the automation process, to testings, and finally to email creation and sending.

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