Kids IQ Toys

Where the idea came from

The market for children’s goods exceeded the $5 billion thresholds in 2016, in which toys and clothes made up to one-third of the market value, according to N Kids. However, at the same time cheap and unsafe toys flooded the Vietnamese market, which was one of the top concerns among Vietnamese parents. This had increased the demand for safe high-end toys sharply.

Kids IQ Toys project was kickstarted by Young World Technology company around November 2016. As stated in its name, this project was aimed at raising kids’ not only IQ but EQ. What’s more, its purpose was to make parenting easier.

How I did it

This old cliché is always true: A good picture is worth a thousand words.

However, I thought good pictures would not be good enough. A key point I needed to keep in mind was that parents actually had safety concerns.

Then I made a video instead. From the filming to lighting, to voiceover, to editing, and finally to running the campaign across the Internet targeting parents, especially mothers, my team worked closely together and won a huge number of orders in the first month.

My responsibility was to manage the content, run and monitor ad campaigns, and do modeling in the video.

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