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Firstly, I wish to offer you a personal note of thanks for visiting my site.

Marketing projects are not easy to draw a clear picture of, because it’s the whole process, not a product.  However, I believe this site shows you an overall picture of my experience and some of my past projects I was involved in.

Areas of Expertise

My Marketing journey

I was a Marketing Executive at Seawind Catamarans and Corsair Trimarans for almost four years. I was the one in charge whenever we prepared for upcoming boat shows and new model launches. I was the most humbled to have the chance to meet passionate sailors and fun-loving boat owners, which helped me learn a lot about their behavior as boat shoppers. Because catamaran and trimaran are categorized as luxury products, the customer behavior is a lot different than others. It’s usual for a person to take a few years to decide to sign off the paperwork and get the boat. The process from consideration time to decision time is long. During that long nurture time, as their Marketing Executive, I had a lot to work on, from which I also learned a lot too.

Before that, I was a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Young World Technology, a technology company, and Media Optimization Specialist at Adtop Advertising agency. Besides, I was a Media Campaign freelancer from 2014 to 2018.

My other interests that help

Out of my great love for Marketing, my passion for Coding evolved. I learned programming in secondary and university and I found my love for it. I was always happy coding and communicating with my computer. Thanks to that interest in school, I can work on HTML emails and website codes on my own. This makes my project time quicker. However, some time-consuming codes will be taken by our IT team.

I’m also into drawing and playing the ukulele and the piano. It’s just how I calm and refresh my mind for more productivity.

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If you want to collaborate on your upcoming exciting projects, don’t hesitate to drop me a quick message at [email protected]

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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